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Applied certTrax Benefits

Provide value-add risk management services

Applied certTrax increases revenue and growth by providing your agency the opportunity to enhance your risk management services with a streamlined certificate of insurance tracking solution for insureds. Applied certTrax provides an additional risk management offering that can influence the insurance buying decision and create more opportunities to win new business and enhance your customer retention.

Streamline certificate of insurance tracking workflows

Applied certTrax enhances productivity and profitability by automating certificate of insurance tracking workflows, resulting in less time and expense associated with processing certificate of insurance compliance checks, sending non-compliant letters, requesting renewal certificates of insurance, and generating and sending compliance reports.

Improve client service and brand value

Applied certTrax improves client service and enhances brand value through additional risk management service offerings. Available branding through the Applied CSR24 client portal provides a seamless look and feel, reinforcing your agency's link to enhanced risk management service offerings.

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