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Your team has a lot to get done in a day but performing manual, administrative tasks is slowing them down. Our Applied TAM® software gives you a clear picture of your clients and day-to-day operations. Plus, the application connects you with your insurer partners so you can automate servicing as part of daily system workflows. Automate your business with a system designed to support your core operations so less time and money is wasted on manual tasks. The ones doing the work will be happier and so will your customers.

Key Benefits

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    Create consistency and manage the bottom line

    Eliminate the manual tasks slowing down your team. With MyTAM, create consistent workflows so everyone knows the right way to get things done. The increased efficiency can help your bottom line.

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    Work better with your insurer partners

    Connect with insurer partners right from your daily workflow to save time servicing customers. Without ever leaving your core system, you can exchange policy details and find the best products quickly and easily.

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    Sell more to your customers with targeted marketing

    Your clients are your best prospects. Use targeted marketing campaigns to cross-sell and upsell.


  • Process Management and Automation

    Delight your staff by making work simpler. By automating their most frequently used workflows, they can get more done in less time.

  • Omnichannel Customer Service

    Give your customers choice in how they interact with your business. Applied TAM easily integrates with your customer self-service portal and mobile app so that your customers can access their policy information.

  • Insurer Connectivity via Single Sign-On

    Eliminate time spent managing multiple logins and passwords. Through single sign-on, you can connect to IVANS Exchange to manage download connections, and IVANS Markets to search appetite seamlessly within your daily workflow.

What's New

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    Attachment Filters
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    Assign Activity Code
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    Hidden Applications Search
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    Personal and Commercial Indicator
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    Broker Indicator on Producer Detail

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