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The industry has reached a data obsession point, but accessing, organizing and reporting can be challenging if you’re relying on manual spreadsheets. Our data analytics solution Applied Analytics® is the first of its kind in our industry that acts as your data scientist to present your management system data in an easy-to-understand visual interface. Fully integrated with Applied Epic®, the solution accesses, aggregates and analyzes your data. The result is multiple levels of analysis on your book of business, employee performance, and insurer relationships so you can make more informed business decisions. Make the shift from being a data-generating organization to one that is data-powered to drive greater productivity, simplicity and value for your business.

Key Benefits

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    Take the guesswork out of decision-making

    Turn the vast amount of information in your management system into actionable insights. Unlike manual reporting that only provides a snapshot of the past, data analytics provide real-time data analysis so that you can make faster, more informed decisions.

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    Focus on the relationships with the greatest return

    Track and analyze metrics that matter most to your business. Through a dynamic visual user interface and graphical report views, you can determine new and renewal business opportunities plus identify your most profitable insurers.

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    Know where to put resources

    Get a snapshot at how your team is doing through a series of dashboards that compare real-time data to historical employee performance trends, success rates and progress toward goals. By increasing visibility into your team’s performance, you can determine where to focus resources for maximum productivity and profitability.

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    Compare business metrics against your peers

    Use industry benchmarks to help you grow and retain your book of business. Comparative insights help you determine if your rates are competitive to secure new business or whether remarketing an existing client’s policy will be more advantageous.


  • Employee Productivity

    Keep your team focused on the greatest return activities. Through a series of dashboards, you can view employee acquisitions, attrition, renewals and book of business over time; how quickly staff are completing tasks and activities; workflow bottlenecks; responsibility overlaps and which employees are hitting sales goals.

  • Industry Benchmarks

    Show your customers where their current premium falls in the range of comparable policies with the Premium Benchmarks Dashboard. Powered by more than a million policies, the dashboard compares the current policy to policies with similar details in order to win new business or validate with current customers that they remain competitive at policy renewal. This helps you avoid the costly, time-consuming process of remarketing if it will not result in any significant savings for the client.

  • Client Retention

    Get a visual analysis of client, policy, premium and revenue retention, with ability to filter data to analyze quarterly and year-to-date.

  • Sales Performance

    Evaluate your sales performance. Through the Employee Line of Business and Employee Summary dashboards, see a summary of new, renewed and cancelled business by employee at the policy level. You also have the option to evaluate revenue by employee.

  • Insurer Relationships

    Effectively assess insurer performance with details on policy volume and revenue, new business and overall insurer activity. These insights allow you to focus on insurer partners most likely to provide a timely response and competitive policy for your customers.

  • Premium Benchmarks Dashboard

    Compare a BOP Policy Premium to the current industry average. Powered by more than one million policies, the dashboard compares the current policy to policies with similar details, enabling you to win new business or validate with current customers that you are competitive during policy renewals.

  • Riskmap Dashboard Enhancements 

    Adds the ability to see current COVID-19 case counts by county, enabling your business to closely monitor and prepare for the impacts of COVID-19.


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