Applied DORIS

Applied DORIS is an easy-to-use online agency management system enabling smaller agencies to remain competitive and grow their business.

Agencies specializing in personal lines, property and casualty insurance need technology to be more competitive. Applied DORIS online agency management system provides access to all the fundamental features, functions and workflows needed to run an agency, including automated interface with more than 300 insurance carriers. Eliminate the time spent accessing websites to view coverage details and keep policy details current without manual data entry.

Applied DORIS delivers the advantages of running your businesses in an online environment, allowing smaller agencies to provide the same reliable customer experience as much larger agencies, while increasing revenue and driving sustainable growth and profitability. Agencies running Applied DORIS reduce costs by eliminating hardware and IT management expenses.

Applied DORIS automates:

  • Workflows and procedures
  • Access to policy and account information
  • Customer communications
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Document management



Product Benefits
Automate and Operate More Efficiently

Applied DORIS automates workflows and processes. Its diary system logs policy notes, schedules follow-up activities and documents transactional filing. Scanning and attaching documents and photos keeps important information connected to client files, reducing the need and expense of paper files and storage. Letters pre-fill data fields and attach to records, saving time while minimizing agency errors and omissions. Company downloads populate client data, eliminating the need for manual entry. Real-time exchange of data saves time with instant access to policyholder information.

Improve Billing Processes and Increase Profitability

Applied DORIS provides full accounting with an integrated general ledger. Track commissions, generate invoices, output checks and maintain multiple checking account ledgers with reconciliation. Track the agency’s financial performance with a full reporting package. Direct bill commission download of policyholder payments allows easy tracking of producer commissions.

Enjoy More Freedom and Flexibility

Applied DORIS reduces costs by eliminating hardware and IT management expenses. Routine database maintenance, daily backups, system updates, daily downloads and security protection are all done for your agency. Remote access through cloud services enables staff to connect to agency data at all hours and from any location. Secure access level for each staff member protects sensitive information.

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