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Applied DORIS

An agency management system that automates business operations of growing insurance agencies

  • Build and manage an entire business in a single application
  • Automate daily operations and increase operational flexibility

New and growing agencies require software solutions that do more with fewer resources. Applied DORIS delivers all the fundamental capabilities, workflows and insurer connectivity needed to run a growing agency. Enhanced insurer connectivity with Applied DORIS reduces time spent accessing insurer websites and ensures all client policy details are automatically kept up to date. Applied DORIS delivers the advantages of running businesses in an online environment, allowing your agency to focus time on servicing customers and selling new business to increase revenue and drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Key Benefits

Applied DORIS automates:

  • Workflows and procedures
  • Policy and account management
  • Customer communications through marketing campaigns
  • Insurer connectivity and data exchange
  • Accounting and reporting

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Applied DORIS

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Applied DORIS

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