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Applied Epic

The world’s most widely used agency and brokerage management system

  • Manage P&C and benefits business in a single application
  • Support rapid growth with a flexible and scalable system
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Applied Epic is the industry’s most technologically advanced, flexible and secure cloud-based agency management system, providing powerful automation capabilities and a greater level of visibility across an entire book of business. The system offers a single, open application with integrated capabilities to efficiently manage customer relationships, policy and benefits administration, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.

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Key Benefits

With an intuitive user interface, Applied Epic delivers process management capabilities through myEpic that further automate, adapt, and manage internal operations, enabling you to streamline workflows and quickly respond to changes in the market and within your customer base. Applied Epic’s unique software architecture provides scalability for agencies with multiple, global locations to manage expansion and business growth with ease.

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Applied Epic allows your agency to:

  • Manage all lines of business, including P&C and benefits, within a single application
  • View, monitor, track and forecast sales opportunities, pipeline and activities
  • Search insurer market appetite for specific commercial risks
  • Simplify employee on-boarding and training with standardized workflows
  • Automate the paperless delivery of documents via eSignature

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"Applied technology enables us to look at the numbers across the board and start to leverage our total data to become a much stronger organization."

Jacinda Elias
Director of Operations & Senior Vice President

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Applied Epic

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