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What's New in Applied Epic

A single application to manage your entire business

Applied Epic delivers advanced, integrated features for every role within your organization to manage all lines of business in a single application. The latest release of Applied Epic enables your business to better manage your benefits business and sales opportunities within the application, as well as delivers your staff modern navigation and workflows to foster greater productivity.

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Automated benefits renewal

Benefits coverages and costs change on a yearly basis and often renew at the same time, resulting in significant time spent on renewals and re-marketing of policies. Applied Epic enables you to automate renewal and re-marketing workflows for benefits policies by prefilling client information on custom forms and supplemental forms, reducing duplicative data entry and minimizing E&O exposure. Additionally, the latest release supports fully customized and tracks self-funded plan development for each of the six base benefits lines of business, providing a single view of your entire benefits package.

Benefits Screen 1

Prefill client information on custom forms and supplemental forms.

Benefits Screen 2

Gain a single view of your benefits package through tracking of self-funded plans

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Customized and dynamic Sales Automation

More closely track pipeline and growth across the organization through new executive level dashboards that provide insight into sales activity, like New Business and Renewal Business year-to-date, hit ratio, and opportunity to close rate. Customize Epic Sales Automation to track user-defined sales stages by line of business that are unique to your specific sales processes. Applied Epic also delivers enhanced sales automation security management at the user level, as well as extends drag-and-drop capabilities so you can attach items to a specific sales opportunity on the Applied Epic home screen.

Market Appetite Screen 1

Leverage executive level dashboards that provide insight into sales activity across the organization to more closely track pipeline and growth

Market Appetite Screen 2

Customize opportunity stages by line of business that are unique to the sales process

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Optimized document management capabilities

Expanding on existing drag-and-drop capabilities, Applied Epic further optimizes document management by allowing you to drag and drop one or multiple document attachments, easily change attachment descriptions, and add comments to existing attachment descriptions – all in a single workflow.

Epic Document Management Screen
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Enhanced workflows

Applied Epic eliminates duplicative data entry by allowing users to copy a policy’s servicing, billing and application data when writing new business or merging business of one or more accounts. The latest version also allows you to more easily manage large schedules of vehicles, drivers, and equipment floaters with the new schedule renumbering capability.

Workflow Automation Screenshot 1

Eliminate duplicative data entry leveraging new copy policy functionality

Workflow Automation Screenshot 2

Choose whether to copy information to another account or to the current account.

Workflow Automation Screenshot 3

Easily manage the renumbering of large schedules of drivers, vehicles and equipment floaters.

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Optimized accounting capabilities

Applied Epic simplifies the reconciliation process and further automates accounting workflows through enhanced filtering and customization. Quickly and easily locate outstanding credits and debits with a redesigned Apply Credits to Debits screen and enhanced search functionality. Additionally, populate the reconciliations list with statements you wish to see when working on Direct Bill Commissions Reconciliations by leveraging new screen resize and display-and-save settings.

Epic Accounting Screenshot 1

Quickly and easily locate outstanding credits and debits with a redesigned Apply Debits to Credits screen.

Epic Accounting Screenshot 2

View information most pertinent to you with display-and-save settings.


Now available in the U.S. and Canada.


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