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Applied TAM is the most widely used cloud-based agency management software in the insurance industry, allowing your agency to manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity.

To exceed customer service expectations and drive business growth, agencies need intelligent systems to manage their business. Through an automated and easy-to-navigate interface, Applied TAM offers greater visibility into your clients and day-to-day operations to reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks, and better respond to client needs.

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Applied TAM allows agencies to:

  • Automate operations through standardized workflows with myTAM
  • Manage prospect, client and policy management workflows with fewer keystrokes
  • Standardize data for consistent reporting and company-wide evaluation
  • Increase agency-carrier connectivity and automate data exchange
  • Customize invoices, statements and reporting
  • Seamless integration with other Applied software or third-party applications
  • Simplify employee on-boarding and training


Product Benefits
Streamline business processes with automated workflows

Leverage predefined, standardized workflows through myTAM to ensure seamless operations and automate daily business functions to lower operating expenses for increased profitability. Handle renewals in advance with automated follow-up communication to customers. Applied TAM prefills fields throughout the system to reduce keystrokes, lower E&O risk and ensure accurate reporting.

Deliver multichannel customer service options

Applied TAM seamlessly integrates with Applied Mobile and Applied CSR24, automating the exchange of client information and documentation between the applications.

Maximize staff productivity by pairing Applied TAM with Applied Mobile. Applied TAM automatically syncs with Applied Mobile to provide your staff instant access customer and prospect information while away from the office, allowing your producers to search customer data faster and increase productivity outside the agency.

Applied TAM enhances online customer self-service with customized document sharing via Applied CSR24. You can select specific documents in Applied TAM that you want automatically displayed and available for download to your clients in your agency-branded portal, providing your clients 24/7 access to insurance information and improving your staff’s productivity.

Drive greater carrier connectivity

More carriers interface with Applied TAM than any other agency management software on the market. Carrier connectivity and automated information  exchange ensures that your agency has the most up-to-date, accurate client policy information. ACORD eDocs and ACORD Messages can be automatically delivered from carriers to clients through Applied CSR24 and to staff who use Applied Mobile, reducing time spent on duplicative actions and improving client service capabilities.

Increase selling opportunities through marketing campaigns

Establish targeted marketing campaigns to prospects and customers with Applied TAM’s built-in marketing plans that allow easy access to coverage information. Applied TAM sticky notes remind staff about cross- and up-selling opportunities based on each client’s specific criteria. Reporting in the system enables you to easily evaluate retention rates to better understand where staff need to focus sales efforts.

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