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Applied Vision Benefits

Improve productivity with automated business operations

Applied Vision enables you to electronically manage customer-generated lists of scheduled property, fleet vehicles or assets calling for specialized coverage to make marketing initiatives more efficient. Quickly generate invoices and statements, track and reconcile agency payables, record payments and returns, and build financial statements.

Sell more effectively with tailored marketing campaigns

With Applied Vision’s advanced contact system, you can develop targeted campaigns and tailor communication to prospects and customers using multiple names, numbers and addresses. Automated marketing enables you to increase client retention and more efficiently manage cross-selling and upselling.

Grow your business with ease

Accommodate unlimited combinations of agency structure including multiple profit centers and regions with separate income and expense reporting.

Drive greater insurer connectivity

With Applied Vision, ACORD eDocs, ACORD Messages, and other policy-related information can be automatically delivered from insurers to clients, reducing duplicate actions and improving client servicing capabilities.

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