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What's New in Applied PerformanceManagement

Enhanced performance and usability

Applied PerformanceManagement is the only integrated data analytics solution purpose-built for independent insurance agencies. The latest capabilities of Applied PerformanceManagement deliver new data insights, an intuitive interface and enhanced usability for more seamless dashboard navigation and greater performance.

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Gain new data insights with enhanced dashboards

Applied PerformanceManagement displays key performance indicators in easy-to-read summaries to deliver visibility in a sequence of summary, context and details, providing a more intuitive user experience and greater visualized business insights.

BOB Policy

Book of Business by Policy and Line: Provides a summarized view of all active policies for a specific insurer.

Retention Summary

Retention Summary: Analyze lost clients and view retention at a quarterly and year-to-date timeframe.

Employee LOB

Employee Line of Business: Evaluate revenue by employee.

Employee Summary

Employee Summary: Review a summary of new, renewed and cancelled business by employee at the policy level.

Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity: Understand your top performing employees by evaluating a summary of employee’s total effort at the agency, department, or employee level.

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Access details for data validation more easily

Validate the data behind the dashboards with new drilldown tables that identify the raw data used to compile various dashboards and views. Additionally, the release enables users to identify client names, policies and monetary values more quickly in the details table or exported data files.

Policy Growth Opportunity
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Navigate dashboards more easily and view larger time intervals of data

Applied PerformanceManagement provides enhanced usability through faster load times for better performance. By transferring only the data required for trending views and leveraging software enhancements to increase load times behind the scenes, the release provides the best performance to date. The application also offers new date filtering and ranges, including quarters and year-to-date, so that you gain greater insight into your business by comparing results across a larger interval of time.

Additionally, Applied Epic users of Applied PerformanceManagement receive nightly updates from their management system, allowing executives to review performance changes on a daily basis.

Now Available in the U.S. and Canada.



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