Applied Rater

Applied Rater is a cloud-based insurance quoting solution for independent agencies that provides the industry’s most accurate rates for more than 500 insurance carriers nationwide – the broadest coverage of any rating provider in the United States today.

Today’s leading agencies require advanced quoting software that automates operations and provides real-time connectivity. Applied Rater simplifies agent quoting workflows and provides accurate quote comparisons for more carriers and more lines of business to meet consumers demand for timely and comprehensive service.

With the ability to integrate into an agency’s website and agency management systems, Applied Rater directly sends prospective client information to carriers’ websites, quickly generating multiple quotes via Live Fill with a single point of data entry within the application. Applied Rater enhances agencies’ competitive value by delivering fast, accurate quoting that improves productivity and enhances customer service to drive business growth and profitability.

Applied Rater enables your agency to:

  • Access the most accurate quotes for the broadest range of insurance carriers in a single application
  • Automate rating operations and reduce duplicative data entry
  • Provide clients the most competitive rates and comprehensive service


Product Benefits
Increase security with automated password management

Simplify and automate your login credential management for both quoting and customer service work. Applied Rater stores your usernames and passwords in the cloud so you can sync your workflow anywhere.

  • Eliminate insecure password practices at your agency: Applied Rater enables you to securely manage and share all passwords to help mitigate exposure to data security risk.
  • Carrier login management: By remembering all of your logins, Applied Rater makes it easy to manage complex agency password scenarios. Save multiple logins per carrier and choose between them at login to facilitate cross state, cross CSR/agent workflows.
  • Agency level password management: Securely manage carrier website access by selectively sharing agency level passwords with each user in your agency. Agency password managers can centrally update passwords, reducing time spent managing one-off password requests and increase customer data protection outside of your agency.
Enhance your trusted advisor role with customizable proposals

Consumers expect choice and transparency in insurance, and the presentation of rates is one of your agency’s most valuable steps in the sales process. Connect to prospects with an easy-to-follow, professional and customizable proposal that showcases the advice and value of working with an independent agent, as well as the complete picture of the insurance packages you offer. With Applied Rater, a clean, professional and logical proposal can be created in seconds, enabling you to close more business, generate more referrals and improve your relationships with existing clients.

Increase Prospect and Reporting Insights

Sales workflow and prospect management system capabilities are built in to Applied Rater and automatically updated. When you quote a client, their pipeline status changes instantly, ensuring the right agent and CSR are following up at the right stage of the sales cycle. Additionally, customized reports provide valuable insight into your agency’s quoting and sales activity, lead tracking and marketing ROI.

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