Applied Rater

Applied Rater is a cloud-based insurance quoting solution for independent agencies that provides the industry’s most accurate rates for more than 500 insurance carriers nationwide – the broadest coverage of any rating provider in the United States today.

Today’s leading agencies require advanced quoting software that automates operations and provides real-time connectivity. Applied Rater enables agencies to provide prospective clients accurate quote comparisons for more carriers and more lines of business.

With the ability to integrate into an agency’s website and agency management systems, Applied Rater directly sends prospective client information to carriers’ websites, quickly generating multiple quotes via Live Fill with a single point of data entry within the application. Applied Rater enhances agencies’ competitive value by delivering fast, accurate quoting that improves productivity and enhances customer service to drive business growth and profitability.

Applied Rater enables your agency to:

  • Access the most accurate quotes for the broadest range of insurance carriers in a single application
  • Automate rating operations and reduce duplicative data entry
  • Provide clients the most competitive rates and comprehensive service


Product Benefits
Access to industry-leading quote accuracy

Applied Rater enables agencies to quickly present accurate and bindable rates to their clients by automating the entry of required data to the carrier’s site – all within the application. By preserving carrier’s intended quoting workflow, Applied Rater provides agents the industry’s most accurate rates at the first instance of quoting.  

Access the broadest range of carriers and product line coverage

Applied Rater automates agents quoting process for more carriers and personal lines products than any other comparative rater, supporting more than 525 carriers and all personal lines of business. With extensive carrier and product line breadth, Applied Rater enables agents to quote all personal business from a single application.

Integrate rate quotes directly into your management system

Integrated into agency management systems and online web forms, Applied Rater prefills preexisting customer and prospect data into the application, creating a single point of data entry and validation.

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