Applied Consulting

Applied Consulting deeply understands the business of insurance, technology standards and best practices, and applies this experience every day with customers.

Leveraging three decades of technology leadership, Applied Consulting offers unmatched industry knowledge and technology expertise to help agencies expand business and deliver outstanding service. Applied Consulting supports agencies to configure, implement and optimize technology systems to maintain and maximize streamlined workflows and processes, making your business more efficient and profitable.

Applied Consulting provides your agency:

  • On-staff consultants to help define and share business objectives of technology investment
  • Implementation services to support technology change and adoption
  • Consulting partners to optimize and maximize technology investment

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Product Benefits
Direct Access to Expertise

Applied is the only large insurance technology company with a dedicated group of insurance consulting technology experts and thought leaders in insurance business. Leverage direct access to Applied Consulting to solve technology challenges and implement new strategies.


Applied Consulting works as your technology partner to better understand your business goals for implementing technology enables you to achieve them. Applied ensures there is positive collective buy-in and executive governance to establish objectives and manage expectations. Applied Consulting works with your agency to build a collaborative team to manage the scope, timing, execution, and measurement of the change. Implementation involves constant communication, coordination with your staff, monitoring and status reporting. Applied recognizes that implementation is only just the beginning. Applied Consulting provides ongoing assistance to help configure and optimize your system and improve business processes for greater efficiency and profit.

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