Applied Data Services

Applied Data Services eases the transition to new technology with secure, efficient data conversion for businesses moving to an Applied agency management solution.

To enhance efficiency and productivity, your business needs access to current and organized data. Applied Data Services helps you convert data from other sources for use with Applied products and maximizes the value of your data through data cleansing, optimization and extraction, ensuring it is always readable, usable and secure. Applied Data Services also provides download certification and initial load service for carriers to further secure agency-carrier interface and data exchange.

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Product Benefits

Applied Data Services provides an initial load service, making transferring data to one of our management systems seamless. When an agency implements a new Applied agency management system, carriers can delegate the task of transferring information on existing policy holders to Applied Data Services.


Applied Data Services carrier download certification process is the most rigorous in the industry to maintain data integrity. Before download transactions are enabled, Applied Data Services requires a set of test files to be sent to our certification team. The team documents any errors in the record handling and interacts with your agency until the process is certified. Applied Data Services certification is so thorough, carriers universally certify their processes with us before submitting to other insurance technology providers.

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