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Ottawa, ON


30 Years

As an Applied Customer

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Employees: 50+
Offices: 4


Serving the community for over a century

In 1922, Tanner Insurance started as a small brokerage in Vars, Ontario. Four generations and over 100 years later, the brokerage thrives as an independent, family-owned business. Today, they operate under two brands, Tanner Insurance and Portside Marine Insurance, to support a growing customer base, writing commercial and personal lines; they offer seasonal dwelling insurance and a boat insurance program.

Tanner Insurance made its first technology investment in Applied TAM®, then transitioned to TAMOnline®, and eventually migrated to Applied Epic®. Steven Tanner, president of Tanner Insurance, said, “When we moved from Applied TAM to TAMOnline, it was a huge transformation for us at that point and a game changer for us back then. And I feel it will be similar for us moving onto Applied Epic. This is the platform that's going to allow us to adapt alongside whatever technology comes out next.”

Your management system is the platform critical to any success, and it needs to be scalable. Applied Epic is where we want to be because it is scalable. The analytic capabilities with checks and balances that allow you that scalability was critical in our decision to upgrade.”

Steven Tanner


How new technology has transformed customer experience

In 2010, Portside Marine Insurance was established, born out of a desire to harness decades of insurance expertise into a focused marine offering. Matt Hoey, vice president of Portside Marine Insurance, said, “Only a decade ago, we were all about paper files and storing documents in filing cabinets. Now? Everything's digital. We're talking about third-party integration and automation processes.”

He also said, “As our customers change, we need to adapt. Our typical clients are usually the baby boomers who prefer more face-to-face interactions. However, as millennials age and prefer to buy online with immediate service, we must evolve alongside our technology. We need a platform that can handle both face-to-face customers and those who just want to handle it themselves online, and Applied Epic can do that.”


Harnessing technology to make insightful business decisions

Stephanie Tanner, director of administration at Tanner Insurance, said, “With Applied Epic, we can monitor each department and each role to focus on gaps or what we’re doing too much. With this solution, we can create a customized view of what we want to see in our reports, where Applied TAM wasn't customizable. You had the data there, and it appeared reliable at the time, but the ability to customize what we want to see and how we want to break it down gives us more flexibility on how we compare things.” Stephanie also said, “Let's say we're looking at financials. We can pull up policy types and different lines of business and configure them however we want. It breaks it down into accurate visualizations we've never been able to see before and in real time.”

“We have a fantastic team here; everyone plays an important role,” she said. “We’re now able to have people from each group elevate what they're doing and grow the management team because we can section off what we want and what's important for each department. It can allow our service team and our personal lines department to have access to accurate analysis of client, policy, premium and revenue retention, with the ability to filter data to analyze quarterly or year-to-date.”

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