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Toronto, ON


4 Years

As an Applied Customer

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Members: 7,500
Chapters: 39


Use technology to differentiate their brand

Advocis Broker Services Inc. is an organization owned by Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, which is a membership association of financial advisors representing over 7,500 member clients and 39 chapters. As their client base grew, the need for a solution that delivered automation across all roles, from back-office accounting and customer management to front-office sales and marketing, became a top priority.

Applied has allowed us to communicate with clients individually or across the entire spectrum of our client base. It helps us establish ourselves as thought leaders. It allows us to offer our clients a different narrative to help them mitigate risk and become better customers.

Jack Mazakian

Vice President

Adopting new technology to serve a growing market

“Our biggest business challenge was the architecture of our back office. We had created a proprietary back-office program, which was great when we first began. However, it would never be able to sustain future growth,” said Jack Mazakian, vice president of Advocis Broker Services Inc. He also said, “Since we weren't investing in new technology, it took us longer and longer to digest new business, and we had difficulty achieving our potential growth. Applied Epic® was the right fit for us because of its open and scalable architecture. We knew Epic could handle it if we grew by one or a thousand clients overnight."


Using Applied Epic to elevate their role as trusted advisors

As a broker who works with a specialized market, Applied Epic delivers a single view of the customer across lines of business, roles and locations. It also provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within the brokerage to effectively manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market appetite search, quoting, financial accounting, and reporting.

“We don't want to bombard clients with commercials,” said Jack Mazakian. “We want to give them valuable information and tools to prevent them from getting into a loss situation.” He also said, “It's key that this kind of thought leadership is delivered to them because they realize the value of what we provide is unique compared to the entire marketplace of insurance brokers. Partnering with Applied is helping us achieve that.”

Becoming a digital broker to create value for customers and staff

Becoming a digital broker has helped Advocis provide a better customer experience, increase employee retention and grow their book of business.  "It's a win-win scenario for our organization,” said Jack Mazakian. “Our data is dependable. We're serving clients better and faster. Applied Epic is doing a lot of the heavy lifting by gathering and collecting client information and sharing it through our integrated platforms.”

He also said, “More importantly, our brokers have become more valuable. They're helping our customers with insurance tasks and questions, not wasting time on administrative tasks. And that's making our brokerage and our team more valuable. Overall, it has been a successful transformation, placing us in the perfect position to become an even more sophisticated and professional brokerage.”

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