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Provide the most accurate pricing and rate comparisons for your customers’ automobile and property risks. Applied Rating Services, Canada’s comparative rating services software for insurance brokerages, integrates with your management system so you can prefill customer and prospect information, removing the need to rekey data into another application. You can also let customers quote their risks online anytime, anywhere through self-service quoting software. Simplify your sales and quoting workflows, while you delight your customers with automated and accurate quoting.

Key Benefits

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    Save time in your daily workflow

    Increase your turnaround time and give your customers quotes sooner. By prefilling current and prospective customer information into applications, you can take out additional data entry.

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    Simplify insurer interactions

    Save the time you would spend going back and forth with insurers for auto and property rating processes for more revenue-generating activities. Automate the collection and sending of customer information to your insurers.

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    Make sure you give the most accurate quote

    Tap into the broadest and most accurate personal lines quotes. Compared to any other rating service, Applied Rating Services empower you to give your customers the best policy for their specific risk.


  • Auto and Property Rating Automation

    Automate automobile and property rating workflows by prefilling and automatically sending customer information to insurers.

  • Data Validation

    Make sure data is correct throughout the evaluation process. With Applied Insurance to Value (ITV), easily see annual inflation factors, current information and images about nearby properties and neighbourhoods.

  • Data PreFill

    Save up to 10 minutes with Applied PreFill. By entering a customer’s driver’s license number, Applied PreFill fills in the information from previous insurance policies directly into the form.

  • Sales Reporting

    Keep track of sales opportunities, pipeline and lead follow-ups through automated reports.

  • Management System Integration

    Easily flow information from your daily workflows to Applied Rating Services with integration with your management system.

What's New

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    Lead Management Security
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    Multiple Insurer Group Plans
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    Gender Inclusivity
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    Home Based Business Rating
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    On-Demand Carrier Credentials

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