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Business intelligence tools provide limitless value to the insurance industry. For years, insurers have depended on Applied solutions to provide tools to support predictive models, understand customer behaviour, improve underwriting and risk management, enhance accuracy, reduce fraud, launch risk management and discover new opportunities and distribution channels.

Discover how insurers are partnering with Applied to gain data driven insights today:

  • Get data-driven performance insights through visual data representations, including KPIs and geo analytics.
  • Use market insights to set and guide your pricing strategy.
  • Proactively respond to rate changes and develop go-to-market strategies with greater market intelligence.
  • Compare potential rate scenarios by adjusting factors like premiums by dollar or percentage value to get the intelligence you need to define pricing strategies.
  • Compare rates across multiple business lines in all territories.
  • Evaluate how insurer rates compare to competitors to provide you the insights you need to develop region-specific marketing strategies.
  • Quickly review and manage portfolios for mergers and acquisitions.

Competitively respond to rate changes in the marketplace:

  • Review and analyze your entire portfolio against the marketplace.
  • Receive automatic rate change updates that empower you to adjust pricing in real time.
  • Overlay claims and underwriting data to understand performance and improve bottom-line results.
  • Get advance insight into forecast displacement.
  • Access a complete library of key insurance information by competitor, product line and geography.
  • Look up policies, location lists, insurer lists and batches via the company-wide, nationwide storage system.

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