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A plan to go paperless to serve the end customer better

Digital technology has dramatically changed the insurance industry, prompting consumers to demand better customer service. Allianz saw this demand and knew they needed to work more efficiently with their brokers to help provide better service to the end customer. “Ultimately, there is one end customer and both the broker and insurer play a part in how they service that customer's requirements,” said Jim Byrne, underwriting team manager. To serve customers better while also reducing the amount of paper they were using, Allianz needed technology that would allow them to digitally send documents to brokers.

It’s key that we work with Applied to continue to deliver innovative solutions to the market. eDocs is a prime example of where we have done that.

Jim Byrne

Underwriting Team Manager

Advanced technology to seamlessly connect Allianz to brokers

Allianz partnered with Applied to automate document exchange directly to their brokers to ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest policy-related information. Applied eDocs™ offers reliable, efficient and authenticated delivery of documentation and supports the distribution of client documentation for all lines of business, therefore eliminating the need for paper.

A 40% reduction in paper usage

Since partnering with Applied, Allianz has been able to deliver documents in a way that satisfies the end customer. “The key driver behind our paperless strategy was really broker demand,” explained Byrne. “We were consistently getting requests from brokers for batch production of electronic documents or ad hoc production where brokers needed a certain document as a PDF so they could share it with a customer. We needed to respond to that.” Applied eDocs allows Allianz to provide brokers with all the information they need in a digital format, directly in their broker management system.

When looking for a digital solution to help them go paperless, Allianz was very concerned with security. “We needed to ensure that any digital document was delivered to the right person every time in a very secure manner,” said Byrne. Applied eDocs provides a secure two-way electronic document exchange for both insurers and brokers, along with accurate and assured delivery of files.

Applied eDocs is making a real difference for Allianz. “Recently a broker approached us who had a particular scheme with thousands of policies due on or around the same date,” said Byrne. “Historically, they would have received a paper renewal notification and then they would have had to scan and file those documents into the customer file. With Applied eDocs, we were able to deliver the documents in a single batch job electronically, which allowed them to be fully auto indexed and filed without any intervention.” Applied eDocs is saving both Allianz and their brokers significant time, allowing them to focus more on retaining customers rather than administrative tasks.

Allianz’s goals for this year were to have 70% of all outbound communication be digital and 40% reduction in paper usage. By using Applied eDocs, they’ve hit these targets. But Applied eDocs has done more than help Allianz achieve their paperless goal. “It allows Allianz to really add value to the broker interaction with the customer,” explained Byrne. “Even at the most simplest level, replacing paper arriving into a broker's office with an auto indexed set of documentation brings efficiency and allows the broker to better interact with the customer in a digital format.”

Allianz has been a longstanding partner of Applied and they look forward to growing this partnership more in the future. “It’s key that we work with Applied to continue to deliver innovative solutions to the market. eDocs is a prime example of where we have done that,” said Byrne.

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