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The challenge of managing and maintaining business software

Chrome Insurance previously maintained the server hosting of their on-premises management system. As a result, the business was spending too much time and money on system maintenance and resolving technology issues. Customer service demands were also a challenge; clients expected service outside of normal business hours when it was convenient for them. To address these challenges, Chrome decided to see how technology could enhance their data security, remove the challenges of managing their IT infrastructure, and enable them to deliver better service to customers.

More than 100,000 customers throughout the world rely on Applied Cloud to securely run their businesses. We can sleep easy at night knowing that our client’s documentation is secure.

Gerard MacCann


The move to the only purpose-built cloud for the insurance industry

Chrome chose Applied Cloud, the only purpose-built cloud for the insurance industry, to manage their business operations. With backup and disaster recovery, encryption and data security, Applied Cloud provides advanced business continuity. Applied Cloud also enables staff to work outside of standard office hours to meet client demand for convenient service.


Peace of mind and the ability for anytime, anywhere customer service

Chrome selected Applied Cloud to ensure the greatest level of security and protection for their customers’ data. “One of the key components in our decision to move to Applied Cloud was the security. More than 100,000 customers throughout the world rely on Applied Cloud to securely run their businesses,” said Gerard MacCann, Director. “We can sleep easy at night knowing that our client’s data is secure.” Staff can rest assured that business information is safe with world-class security provided by Applied’s Tier 3 data centres with uptime guaranteed.

With Applied Cloud, Chrome employees now have the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. “Processes like running month end can now be done remotely from the comfort of your own home over the weekend or at a time that suits you versus having to stay late in the office.” Gerard added, “A key advantage of the cloud is having remote access to essential documents.” Customers expect service whenever and however they want. Applied Cloud provides employees with 24/7 access to client data and policy information so that they can deliver superior service.

Staff are also able to focus more on sales and service, rather than managing IT-related issues because of the cloud. Gerard remarked that “One of the factors that made us choose Applied Cloud was the fact that all downloads in terms of product releases are done in the evening when the office is closed. When you come in the next morning, the update is complete. There's no downtime from the business point of view.” By managing all maintenance and software upgrades during off-business hours, Applied Cloud enables the business to maintain standard operations without IT disruption.

Applied has helped Chrome to transform their operations with the cloud. Employees can service customers more effectively and efficiently, and customers can get service when and where they prefer. “For any broker considering moving to Applied Cloud, I would encourage them to do it,” stated Gerard. “I know change can be scary but in my experience, the move to the cloud solution was fast and efficient. We find the benefits are massive.”

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