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The challenges of an on-premise system

Gollogly Insurances Ltd., a family business founded in 1986, struggled with speed and connectivity because of its on-premises servers. Their servers also prevented employees from working from home, easily documenting information during client visits and opening up multiple offices. When it came time to replace their server, the broker needed to decide if they should stay with current workflows with the server, or transform their business with the cloud.

It’s like a one-stop shop for everything. You’re not leaving the cloud. You’re within the cloud and that’s it, that’s where you remain for the day. Everything you need is there.

Emma Gollogly

Finance Director

Cloud technology to enable anytime, anywhere access

Gollogly Insurances Ltd. chose to operate their business in the Applied Cloud, the only cloud built specifically for the insurance industry. Applied Cloud is the leading purpose-built cloud platform and services designed for the insurance industry, providing reliable and secure delivery of software applications and anytime, anywhere access to business information. Today, more than 100,000 users across four countries rely on Applied Cloud to improve business performance, increase data security and deliver cost savings.


Flexibility to grow: providing the ability to scale the business

Applied Cloud provides brokers freedom from the office. With mobility, employees can work from home or meet clients whilst always being connected to the business. “You go out to the customer, you have a laptop, you get it all of the information inputted into your system there and then,” said Emma Gollogly, financial advisor and general manager, Gollogly Insurances Ltd. “It just makes the process a lot faster, which in turn helps grow the business.” Rather than gathering all of the information outside of the system and risking errors and omissions, brokers can bring the system with them via their laptops and serve customers anytime, anywhere. “It’s like a one-stop shop for everything,” Emma continued. “You’re not leaving the cloud, that’s where you remain for the day. Everything you need is there.” Brokers can access documents and information from various applications held in the cloud at any point, eliminating the time spent manually switching from one platform to the next to retrieve information.

The flexibility and scalability delivered from the cloud also provide opportunities that on-premise servers would not be able to offer the broker. “Relay being on the cloud will help grow our business,” Emma explained. “If we wanted to open a second office, it would be possible because of Relay Cloud. On a server, it would be like running two separate companies out of two separate offices. It wouldn’t be possible. The cloud makes growth possible.”

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