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The challenges of a ransom attack and manual system updates

BMCI Insurance and Investments previously managed their business with an on-premises management system, utilising on-site hardware and IT consultants to run the business. Staff often experienced issues with connection and the amount of time it took to update their systems. The broker also went through a ransomware attack, affecting their word processing data. BMCI needed technology to strengthen security, improve productivity and elevate overall business performance.

We don’t have to worry anymore about having encrypted software or anti-virus applications. Everything is in the cloud, so all of that data protection is done for us by Applied.

Teresa Jane O’Mahoney


A purpose-built cloud to ensure peace of mind

BMCI chose Applied Cloud, the only cloud purpose-built for the insurance industry, to manage their business operations. Moving to the cloud provides anytime, anywhere access to business information, increased data security and ensures business continuity during a disruptive event.


Cloud connectivity: peace of mind with no more IT-related issue

Since moving to Applied Cloud, BMCI has been able to focus less on IT-related issues, and more time serving their clients. “Applied Cloud has made BMCI far more productive,” said Teresa Jane O’Mahoney, director, BMCI Insurance and Investments. “We are no longer reliant on coming into the office. We can go to a client and serve them the way they’d like.” Anytime, anywhere access to business information enables staff to be trusted advisors to their customers.

Because of the recent ransomware attack, the broker needed to maximise data security. “We don’t have to worry anymore about having encrypted software or anti-virus applications,” outlined Teresa. “Everything is in the cloud, so all of that data protection is done for us by Applied.” Applied Cloud provides improved business continuity with access to operations recovery, backup encryption, redundancy technology and data centre pairing with maintaining 99.995% uptime.

Applied Cloud also provides automatic updates, enabling staff to work when they are needed. “We used to spend a lot of time waiting on the updates to process and some updates wouldn’t happen in one of the offices,” explained Teresa. “With the cloud, we don’t have those issues anymore.” Updates and maintenance are managed during off-business hours, and provided at no cost, saving time and expenses for BMCI. In fact, the broker is saving approximately €400-500/month that they used to pay an IT-company to manage its software and hardware.

Now that BMCI has moved their operations to Applied Cloud, the broker has gained peace of mind and productivity, while saving time and expenses. Staff can now serve customers when and how they need, without running into IT-related issues.

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