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Juno Beach, FL


8 Years

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Employees: 5+
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Inefficient workflows and the need to fulfill consumer demands

When taking a look at the processes and growth of the agency, it became clear that the workflows at ReNu Insurance Group were inefficient. “Insurance should have repeatable processes, and we weren’t able to do that on our previous system,” explained Warren Cleveland, president and owner, ReNu Insurance Group.

Along with a desire to create more ease of business, the agency also wanted to fulfill their customers’ demands of instantaneous service. “You can actually see your competitors who are not moving with the times. You hear clients say, ‘I called for this change and it took them four days to get it to me.’ People are expecting instantaneous service nowadays,” continued Cleveland. The agency needed digital technology to automate internal operations for more efficiency and enhance connectivity to customers, enabling a more digital experience for staff and their customers.

The basic part of a digital agency is responding to your customers in a way that they want.

Warren Cleveland

President & Owner

The elements of a digital agency

ReNu Insurance Group partnered with Applied to become a complete digital agency. The agency now benefits from a single view of the entire business, access to more insurers, and the ability to deliver anytime, anywhere service to clients. Applied Epic, the most widely-used agency management system in the world, is the agency’s foundation and enables staff to manage the entire business.

To connect better to customers, staff leverage Applied Mobile, the first insurance agent mobile application to bring client policy and sales information to mobile devices, and Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based client self-service software.

For enhanced insurer connectivity, staff use Applied Rater, an accurate, cloud-based insurance quoting application, automating real-time quoting workflows for more than 40 insurers in Florida, and IVANS Exchange, a complimentary online tool that provides an easier way to track current and new download connections.


Digital transformation: Technology to better connect

As a digital agency, ReNu Insurance Group has implemented technology to better connect to each stakeholder of the insurance lifecycle, including its staff, its customers and its insurers. Automated workflows enable staff to create more ease of doing business when selling and servicing customers. “I wanted to be able to have a consistent client experience and repeatable processes, and the other management systems didn’t offer that,” said Cleveland. Applied Epic now enables staff to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market access, financial accounting, reporting, business processes, and policy and benefits administration.

The next aspect of the digital agency that ReNu focused on was a digital customer experience. “The basic part of a digital agency is responding to your customers in a way that they want,” stated Cleveland. Even more important than servicing customer how they’d like, it was critical to respond to customer when the agency was needed most. “When a hurricane was just a few miles off the coast, I had people calling and emailing at the 11th hour, they're scared, looking for coverage,” explained Cleveland. “I got on Applied Mobile in my driveway as we were putting shutters up on our own house and sent them what they needed. Being able to respond that quickly was a lifesaver for them.”

Connecting better with insurers was the last piece of the puzzle to become a digital agency. When customers come to staff for a quote, the agency now has the ability to provide a proposal with visibility into all the markets available, and not available to them. “People quote online because they want to see choice and transparency,” continued Cleveland. “Applied Rater enables us to provide multiple quotes so we can give them a complete overview of the market.” Once the customer is happy with the quote, staff are able to leverage IVANS Download to effectively automate servicing. “IVANS enhances the information flow from the insurer to us, so that we can stay ahead of the game. We can help the customer a lot faster, which makes our customers happy.” Utilizing digital technology the agency has embraced digital transformation so they can improve operational efficiency, capture new clients across all lines of business and increase loyalty and retention.

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