Applied Epic 2016

Single Application with Essential Capabilities Across all Brokerage Roles and Lines of Business

As the insurance market dynamics continue to change, leading brokerages require advanced software to serve as the business foundation to build efficient operations and deliver superior customer experience. Purpose-built for insurance brokerages, Applied Epic, the fastest growing cloud-based agency management system, is a single, integrated and open application that provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within your brokerage to better manage operations across all lines of business.

Applied Epic 2016 provides you with new, innovative capabilities to manage benefits, improve sales pipeline management and better automate brokerage operations within a single application.

Sales Automation icon

Automate and Measure Your Sales Pipeline with Epic Sales Automation

Epic Sales Automation is the industry’s first fully-integrated sales opportunity, pipeline, forecast and activity manager. Role-based, intuitive dashboards offer a visual representation of performance against sales goals and sales opportunities. This integrated capability enables you to view, monitor, track and forecast new business opportunities and renewals directly within the application, eliminating the need to invest time and expense in separate solutions.

Sales Automation Screen 1

Manage your opportunities and sales pipeline from Home Base

Sales Automation Screen 2

Gain visibility into your sales teams pipeline and open opportunities

Sales Automation Screen 3

Drill deeper into each dashboard to understand new business and renewal business opportunities

Sales Automation Screen 4

Manage opportunity stages and close opportunities directly from the Home Base

epBenefits icon

Manage Your Benefits Business with Applied Epic

Building on the industry-first of integrated native benefits functionality, Applied Epic 2016 expands benefits capabilities to enable you to better manage through custom applications. The Benefits enhancements make it even easier for you to manage both your P&C and benefits book of business in one application, providing a single source of truth about your customers to more effectively cross-sell services across lines of business.

Benefits Screen 1

Leverage additional benefits specific data capture screens

Benefits Screen 2

Manage commissions with additional options such as flat fees per risk

accounting icon

Streamline Document Management Workflows

To extend existing document management capabilities within your management system, Applied Epic 2016 allows for multiple folder levels, search, report and tracking of history and versions at the client and vendor level. This integrated functionality ensures you always have secure and ready access to documentation from a single source, reducing time spent opening separate programs and streamlining document management across your brokerage roles and locations.

Document Management Screen 1

View documents across multiple folder levels

Document Management Screen 2

Track history and versions of documents at the client and vendor level

Carrier Connectivity icon

Expand Insurer Connectivity through Enhanced Applied CSR24 and Applied Mobile Integration

CSIO eDocs and CSIO Messages can now be automatically viewable to clients through Applied CSR24 and to staff using Applied Mobile, reducing time spent on duplicative actions and improving client servicing capabilities. Through increased connectivity and seamless integration of solutions, you can initiate these common workflows within Applied Epic to enable straight through processing of insurance information directly from insurers through the brokerage to the insured – with no broker interference.

Carrier Connectivity Screen

Display CSIO eDocs and CSIO Messages received from your insurers as a client viewable attachment through Applied CSR24 or Applied Mobile

Modern Interface icon

Enhanced Business Process Management Capabilities and Modern User Interface

myEpic 2.0 delivers enhanced business process management capabilities, including pre-built workflows to support Epic Sales Automation and Benefits and custom configured workflow options, to enable you to automate, adapt and reassign the most frequently used workflows, ensuring consistency across all business units, accurate underlying data for reporting, and improved overall productivity. Additionally, modern navigation, best practice workflows and an updated user interface support improved productivity and training with Applied Epic 2016. Icons used throughout the system closely reflect the function each represents and are consistent across Applied products, streamlining workflows and reducing time spent training across multiple products.

Modern User Interface Screen 1

Enhanced user interface increases ease-of-use for greater productivity

Modern User Interface Screen 2

Leverage the myEpic Add Opportunity workflow for Epic Sales Automation


Now available in Canada and the U.S.