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London, ON


19 Years

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Employees: 43+
Offices: 2


The troubles of multiple, disparate systems and the need to provide customer self-service capabilities

National Truck League struggled with information silos in which multiple users accessed four different databases. Multiple, disparate systems created a lack of transparency for team members, hindering their ability to easily manage accounts. The brokerage needed a single management system to store all client and prospect information that could be accessed and managed by all brokerage staff. Remote access and self-service were also critical to provide enhanced service to National Truck League’s primary customers.

We have reduced our mail costs by 40% in a 7-month period.

Michele Stiller

VP Operations

Integrated technology to manage operations and serve customers

National Truck League chose Applied TAM, the world’s most widely used brokerage management system, to bring all four databases together for greater accessibility and management for all team members. Applied TAM also supports staff by documenting every interaction with every client to reduce E&O and ensure accuracy.

Because National Truck League has producers across all of Canada, the brokerage leverages Applied Mobile, the first insurance broker mobile application, to access a central database with accurate client information from anywhere. The agency also uses Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based insurance customer self-service software, to provide customers a single portal for their insurance needs, such as printing certificates.

On-the-move clients and self-service technology to support them

Applied TAM’s automated and easy-to-navigate interface offers greater visibility into National Truck League’s clients and prospects. “Applied TAM makes client data accessible to everyone, enabling staff to service clients more effectively, be more productive and increase transparency,” said Michelle Stiller, VP Operations, National Truck League. Now that staff can easily access customer data, they take advantage of more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell clients to drive profitability. National Truck League also benefits from leveraging Applied Cloud to run Applied TAM. “Now that we are on the cloud, customers now access information 24/7 and the integrity of our data is protected from disaster,” said Stiller. The cloud provides the brokerage with business continuity and the peace-of-mind that they will always be able to serve their customers.

National Truck League staff enhances the customer experience with connectivity. “Applied CSR24 has been huge for us,” said Vivian Hartshorn, financial controller, National Truck League. “Every customer is unique and wants to do business on their own time and schedule, or on the road. With Applied CSR24, our customers have the flexibility and accuracy they expect.” The brokerage has also moved all certificate processing to Applied CSR24 for significant time savings, enabling more business to be written without adding additional new hires. “Our sales have increased due to Applied CSR24 simply because it offers clients flexibility and control,” said Stiller. Applied CSR24 has become an integral part of National Truck League’s customer service strategy.

The convenience of Applied Mobile enables staff to easily service their on-the-go clientele. “The 24/7 real-time access of Applied Mobile ensures our producers meet customer needs immediately. Truckers are always working while on the road, and we have to match that to serve their needs,” said Stiller. Applied Mobile enables producers to serve as trusted advisors in the field because they have the data they need at their fingertips to speak confidently to clients about their accounts.

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