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Applied TAM

Manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity.

Automate operations and manage client relationships with a robust system. As the management system that created a digital industry, Applied TAM® offers greater visibility into your clients and day-to-day operations. Reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks and better respond to client needs.

Key Benefits

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Automate daily operations

Standardize workflows via myTAM to automate daily business functions and lower operating expenses.

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Deliver omnichannel customer service options

Enhance customer self-service with 24/7 customized document sharing via online client portals and mobile applications.

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Connect with insurer partners

Access new markets and automate policy information exchange with your insurers without having to leave the system.

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Increase selling opportunities through marketing campaigns

Focus marketing campaigns for account rounding and cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


  • Process management and automation

    Ensure workflow consistency with predefined, standardized workflows through myTAM.

  • Omnichannel customer service

    Integrate with your online customer portal or mobile apps to empower customers and staff with the same policy information in Applied TAM.

  • Insurer connectivity

    Automatically receive policy-related information from insurers directly within the system to reduce duplicate actions and improve customer servicing capabilities.

  • Integrated rating services

    Access Canada’s leading personal lines rating services to quote directly within your daily workflows and standardized processing.

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