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Colley Insurance increases business performance with cloud-based technology

Colley Insurance faced a decision common to many brokerages: continue to operate and invest in their own IT infrastructure or move to the cloud. Since moving to Applied Cloud, the brokerage has benefitted from automatic upgrades, and reduced time and expenses spent managing IT-related issues.

"Applied TAM is more secure and reliable for us. The need for system maintenance has been drastically reduced, which limits our need for IT consultants."

Debbie Rogers

Computer Systems Coordinator,
Colley Insurance


Before Applied Cloud, the brokerage was often two versions behind the latest update because it lacked the required hardware to support the newest software release. The brokerage also spent unnecessary time and money on system maintenance and resolving technology issues. Colley needed to migrate to a cloud solution that would provide the brokerage automatic updates supported by a team of IT experts to ensure the software always operated at optimum levels.

Additionally, Colley Insurance was looking for a solution to provide accurate rates to clients. The management team at Colley sought technology that would improve customer service and increase their competitive value.


Colley had been a longtime user of Applied TAM, the most widely-used brokerage management system. When management decided to move to the cloud, they decided to host Applied TAM in Applied Cloud. Applied Cloud is the only purpose-built cloud platform specific to the insurance industry and comprised of data centres that are Tier III+ as defined by the Uptime Institute, with 24/7/365 with constant monitoring and performance of first-level problem resolution performed by Applied Network Operations Centre. Applied Cloud is managed by a team of highly-skilled cloud specialists with deep domain expertise who directly build, maintain and manage Applied software. Today, more than 5,000 business and 72,000 users across four countries rely on Applied Cloud to improve business performance, increase data security and deliver cost savings.

Colley also leverages Applied Rating Services, Canada’s comparative rating service for insurance brokerages and insurers, gaining the industry’s most accurate rates for the most insurers nationwide.  Applied Rating Services enable Colley to deliver prospects and clients real-time, self-service automobile, property and motorcycle quotes on a computer or mobile device, increasing new business opportunities and client satisfaction.


Today, staff has more time to focus on growing the book of business without being distracted by system maintenance and technology issues. “Applied TAMCloud is more secure and reliable for us,” said Debbie Rogers, computer systems coordinator, Colley Insurance. “The need for system maintenance has been drastically reduced, which limits our need for IT consultants.” Colley also receives automatic updates as Applied TAMCloud makes enhancements. Applied Cloud Services manages all maintenance and upgrades outside of normal business hours, minimizing business disruption.

Applied Rating Services allows staff to obtain numerous quotes from one source rather than soliciting quotes separately from individual insurers. “Applied Rating Services enables us to be more efficient and provide better service with accurate quotes to our customers,” said Rogers. “Providing 24/7 self-service quoting with Applied Rating Services also really sets us apart.” Applied Rating Services enables Colley to provide a better client experience, while automating the rating processes for faster and easier customer service. Colley’s partnership with Applied has provided staff with increased efficiency in business operations and allowed staff to focus on helping customers and growing their book of business.

About Colley Insurance

Colley Insurance puts the insured first, focusing on customer service with a reputation for reliability in Canada. Colley offers personal and commercial lines insurance, from umbrella liability to farm and ocean marine coverage. The brokerage also offers Integrisure, a product that specializes in providing group home and auto insurance programs to employer groups, a product unique to their business.

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Company Snapshot

Headquarters: Guelph, Ontario
18 employees
Founded in 1934

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