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Western Financial automates the business with Applied

The Western Financial team utilised Applied TAM throughout multiple branch offices and chose to consolidate their data and workflows onto Applied Epic, standardising branch processes and automating business operations. The business is now well positioned to thrive in the digital future of insurance.

"Applied Epic provides complete access to our data and enables us to streamline our processes, which are both very important to us."

Mary Lou Charles

VP of Operations,
Western Financial Group


Western Financial Group has more than 150 locations. Before utilising Applied software, the business leveraged multiple systems across its many locations. “We wanted to enable our customers to be serviced in any location,” said Mary Lou Charles, VP of Operations, Western Financial. “Before Applied, that wasn’t possible because we were operating in different databases.” The broker needed a management system to create a single view of the customer for all stakeholders in the business.

In addition, a single system was required to improve internal reporting. “We really needed to consolidate the six platforms into one to reduce the complexity in our reporting,” said Charles. Western Financial required a broker management system to standardise data to automate reporting capabilities.


Western Financial chose to implement Applied Epic, the UK’s next-generation broker management system, to provide a comprehensive view of client and prospect information across all lines of business for every stakeholder. Applied Epic also provides integrated capabilities to better manage customer relationships, sales opportunities, market access, financial accounting, and policy and benefits administration across all lines of business, reducing time and expenses spent managing separate, disparate systems.


The open, integrated architecture of Applied Epic enables the staff at Western Financial to consolidate all its data and processes into one system. “Applied Epic provides complete access to our data and enables us to streamline our processes, which are both very important to us,” said Charles. The single management system creates ease of doing business and greater accessibility to client data for better customer service. Likewise, customers can receive insurance advice and service at any branch office.

Data is easily accessible and the business can now use the data for informed decision making. “The new reporting module in Applied Epic allows us to deliver reports to staff without them ever having to actually go and learn how to run a report themselves,” said Charles. “We can customise the fields and format, so it’s best for our managers, and that will be critical in driving operational consistency and good reporting for our offices.”

Applied Epic standardises and automates Western Financial’s data and operations through customised workflows. No two businesses are the same, and Applied Epic enables brokers to customise workflows the way that will optimise business operations. “That’s the lovely thing about Applied Epic actually, we get to customise our own workflows and make it exactly ‘Western,’” said Charles. Western Financial benefits from having a single management system to store data and streamline all operations, enabling staff to grow in the digital era.

About Western Financial Group

Founded in 1996, Western Financial Group is a diversified insurance brokerage. Western provides personal and business insurance services for more than 800,000 customers across Western Canada.

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Headquarters: Alberta, Canada
1,800 employees
157 locations throughout Western Canada

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Applied Epic

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