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Applied Co-Parison Report

Compare rates in all territories and across multiple business lines

  • Competitively respond to rate changes in the marketplace
  • Use market insights to set and guide your rate strategy

Applied Co-Parison Report provides competitive rate comparisons to support proactive responses to rate changes and development of region-specific marketing strategies. With Applied Co-Parison Report, you can run "what if" scenarios by adjusting premiums by dollar or percentage value to get the intelligence you need.

Key Benefits

To help decision makers and staff gain richer insight into market intelligence, Applied Co-Parison Report delivers visual data representations in multiple views, including key performance indicators (KPIs), geo analytics (Postal FSA) by competitor and product line trending bar and pie charts. Twenty-two of the top 25 insurers in Canada recognize Applied Co-Parison Report as an invaluable marketing and actuarial tool.

Applied Co-Parison Report provides your brokerage:

  • Automatic rate change updates in real time
  • Libraries for a company-wide, nationwide storage system of policies, location lists, insurer lists and batches
  • Import options to add your own custom location lists

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