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Applied CSR24 Benefits

Deliver convenient online customer self-service

Provide your clients an online customer portal for anytime, anywhere access to insurance information. Give them the freedom to view their policy, request changes, submit and review claims, make premium payments, and issue insurance forms, such as certificates of insurance, at their convenience.

Offer a brokerage-branded mobile app

Extend your online client self-service offering via a native, branded mobile application for iOS and Android smartphone devices. Available at the tap of an icon, your clients have quicker, more convenient access to insurance information while on the go.

Automate premium certificate processing and management

Automate certificate of insurance processing (COI), management and distribution for significant time and cost savings. Access the latest CSIO forms and leverage customized templates and paperless delivery to process and print more certificates in less time; ensure data integrity; and increase efficiency and customer service.

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