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Get a comprehensive view of your current and potential download activity through a single application. Note desired download connections and download quality feedback directly with insurers. Applied Ivans Exchange™ is a complimentary online tool that provides an easier way to track current and new download connections so your brokerage can increase insurer and MGA connectivity.

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If you don’t know your current login information, contact Applied support to access Applied Ivans Exchange.

Key Benefits

  • An icon of a woman and a man with dotted arrows pointing from each of them to the other showing a connection

    Better understand your business with specific insurers

    Easily identify the number of download transactions your brokerage is receiving per line of business and per insurer/MGA.

  • A laptop icon with a dark blue screen displaying a checklist

    Drive higher broker productivity

    Reduce time spent by your brokerage staff manually managing paper-based, administrative tasks.

  • A black magnifying glass with a woman icon wearing an electric blue shirt inside

    Identify new download opportunities

    Quickly view inactive download connections and stay up to date with your insurers' latest download offerings.

What's New

  • An electric blue document icon overlapping a blank document, showing a report with an upward trending line graph and bar graph, along with a magnifier glass hovering over the upper right corner of the graphs
    Personalized connections reports
  • A black key icon with two arrows circulating it
    Single policy resend
  • A laptop icon with an electric blue screen displaying a larger downward pointing arrow
    Archived download files

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