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Applied PerformanceManagement Benefits

Improve productivity and optimize internal operations

Applied PerformanceManagement provides a consolidated view of internal operations and employee productivity with key performance indicators (KPIs) that trend over time, enabling you to optimize internal operations based on historical employee performance trends, success rates and progress toward projected goals.

Develop more clients and create new market growth

Applied PerformanceManagement analyzes critical business KPIs and client portfolio development, including retention, inside sales opportunities, and new market and growth targets. With these insights, you can sustain current client revenue and build additional revenue channels, further elevating your role as trusted advisor.

Improve insurer relationships

Applied PerformanceManagement allows you to quickly assess insurer performance in terms of policy volume and revenue, new business and activity across all insurers. These insights enable you to quote policies with your most responsive insurers, allowing your brokerage to focus on creating new business with higher profit margins.

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