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Applied TAM

Manage day-to-day business operations with maximum productivity

  • Provide better service to the insured
  • Drive greater insurer connectivity
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To exceed customer service expectations and drive business growth, your brokerage needs intelligent systems to manage your business. Through an automated and easy-to-navigate interface, Applied TAM offers greater visibility into your clients and day-to-day operations to reduce time and expenses spent on administrative tasks and better respond to client needs.

Key Benefits

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Applied TAM enables your brokerage to:

  • Manage prospect, client, accounting and policy management workflows with fewer keystrokes
  • Standardize data for consistent reporting and company-wide evaluation
  • Increase visibility into clients and agency operations
  • Customize invoices, statements and reporting
  • Simplify employee on-boarding and training

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"We don’t have time for business interruption when we’re in a brokerage environment. It’s for our clients to have the claims and for us to be there to support them."

Gillian Van Kempen
Managing Director and Executive Vice President

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