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Manually combing through the mountain of data in Applied Epic® looking for answers wastes precious time. You need an easier way to review the data relevant to you so you can make faster, more informed decisions. Introducing our all-new Epic® Dashboards, an out-of-the-box reporting and analytics capability directly embedded in Applied Epic Browser so you can answer your agency's most pressing business performance questions. These persona-based dashboards drill into the data important to each person’s role at your agency and present it in an easy-to-understand graphical interface that they can double-click to learn details about sales performance, operational capacity, and more. Help your team keep a pulse on their area of expertise with Epic Dashboards.

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Read below to learn more about the features available at launch.

  • Pulse Dashboard

    The Pulse Dashboard is the landing spot for each persona in Epic Dashboards. From here, you can effortlessly review a high-level summary visualization of reports important to your role or double-click into the data to explore results and link to other dashboards for related reports.

  • Core Operating KPIs Visualized

    Dashboards present your existing management system data in a visual format that’s easier to digest. Quickly see a snapshot of key financial metrics such as revenue, sales pipeline, renewals and churn, plus productivity insights like activities overdue, work performed, expiring policies, and more across both P&C and Benefits lines of business. Data can then be exported into a tabular view for you to consume in different formats, including Excel, CSV, and more.

  • Persona-Based Dashboards

    These pre-built dashboards are role-based, making it quick and easy to find the answers you’re looking for and take action. Dashboards will be available for seven personas, including principals, servicing department leaders, sales managers, accountants, servicing reps, producers and IT managers/system admins.

  • Flexible Views

    Views can be filtered by branch, department, or profit center level, looking at it by dollars (estimated, annualized or billed) and by premium or commission at the time interval that makes sense for your business. You can favorite views to quickly reference saved dashboards again later. Configuration capabilities also give you the flexibility to build custom reports specific to your business needs.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Easily download data in your preferred format – PDF, CSV, PNG – and schedule delivery of charts and reports to specific individuals via email.

  • Alerts

    Set alerts to be notified when specific thresholds and conditions within the business, like a certain number of expiring policies or overdue activities, are hit so you can proactively begin the next best operational step.

  • Data Accuracy

    Epic Dashboards are anchored to data points in Applied Epic that are the most accurate fields for determining the status of a policy because they cannot be easily modified. This means you can trust the information presented in your dashboard is accurate.


Epic Dashboards is the first step in our data vision strategy – Know, Recommend, Assist – to provide best-in-class data and analytics solutions that help you Know what’s happening now, make data-driven Recommendations, and Assist you by automating the next best actions.

We’re excited to launch early access to these pre-built dashboards for three out of the seven total personas, including principals, servicing department leaders and sales managers. We’ll release dashboards for accountants, servicing reps, producers and IT managers/system admins roles early next year. The value of Epic Dashboards is available today. Sign up below for early access to our latest innovation.

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