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Still using manual processes and paper files when working with insurers? Instead, use technology to connect and easily access the broadest panel of insurers right in your daily workflow. Quickly build more profitable insurer relationships and deliver faster, more complete service to your customers.

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Why Insurer Connectivity Matters to Your Business

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    Keep your customers happy and your book growing

    Provide the service your customers have come to expect. Deliver faster, more complete service to win more new business and renewals.

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    Provide more product choice to your customers

    Access an unrivaled range of insurers. Provide the broadest range of home and motor insurance products to your customers.

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    Easily compare full-cycle SME quotes

    Present SME products with greater efficiency through integrated full-cycle comparative quoting. Accurately communicate commercial risk details to underwriters for pricing and products to present to your clients.

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    Increase your team’s productivity

    Don’t waste time manually managing administrative tasks. Instead, manage all activities through a single application.


What the Numbers Say

  • 78%

    of brokers are able to more quickly service clients

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Broker Survey

  • 79%

    of brokers recognise an increase in ease of doing business with insurer partners

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Broker Survey

  • 72%

    of brokers see an increase in employee productivity

    Source: IVANS 2020 Connectivity Broker Survey


Insurer Connectivity: Connecting the Business of Insurance Through Data Exchange

An important component of being a digital broker is insurer connectivity – the ability to communicate and exchange data securely and seamlessly from insurer systems directly to the brokerage management system.

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