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Baltimore, MD


7 Years

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Employees: 30+
Offices: 1


The frustrations with manual spreadsheets and complex benefits plans

Staff at Employee Benefit Services of Maryland struggled to hold productive renewal meetings as the client’s attention would be paid to flipping through pages of a spreadsheet and getting lost in complicated benefits plans. The agency needed a solution to take complex, robust benefits plans and make them digestible for their clients.

It was so effortless to put the presentation up on a screen and talk through it. After seeing it, I don’t know how brokers do it any other way..

Leo Gallagher

Managing Partner

A simpler way to present benefit plan options

Applied Benefits Designer is a modern solution that enables benefits agents to model and compare various benefit plan options in real time to guide clients to the right decisions – all in one meeting. With Applied Benefits Designer, you can generate beautiful proposals in minutes, then guide on-the-spot conversations to quickly finalize medical, Rx and ancillary plan selections. The solution eliminates time-consuming spreadsheets and static presentations so you can differentiate your interactions with clients and increase efficiency, accuracy, and level of client support.


More sales with personalized proposals in minutes

As Employee Benefit Services began implementing Applied Benefits Designer, it became clear that it was invaluable to their agency. Staff worked with several employers with complicated benefits plans, and the feedback from clients was immediate. Clients thanked them for the new approach to their renewal, and felt it created much more ease when working with the agency. “It was so effortless to put the presentation up on a screen and talk through it,” said Leo Gallagher, managing partner, Employee Benefit Services of Maryland. “After seeing it, I don’t know how brokers do it any other way.”

In addition to using the tool with its most complex groups, Employee Benefit Services has also found success using it with smaller groups, who make up a significant chunk of the agency’s book of business. “Using Applied Benefits Designer, everyone’s attention is on the screen, facilitating better a conversation,” said Gallagher. “Preparation was also vastly simplified. You can put together a proposal in just 15 minutes.” Using Applied allowed Employee Benefit Services to generate more big-picture conversations to help save clients money, rather than focusing on the minutia of copays and other plan details within a spreadsheet.

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