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Santa Rosa, CA


21 Years

As an Applied Customer

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Employees: 96+
Offices: 1


The challenges of managing multiple systems and the need to better connect with insureds

Like many agencies managing multiple systems, the staff at Pritchard & Jerden struggled seeing a holistic view of the client, causing inefficiencies in the sales process, as well as duplication of information and processes. The staff also worried about security and if all data was up to date. “With multiple systems, there are a lot of unknowns, such as is the data clean,” said Conroy Campbell, director of IT, Pritchard & Jerden. A single foundational management system would prevent duplication, taking the guesswork out of knowing if the data was clean and usable.

Pritchard & Jerden also saw an opportunity to expand their business by providing better customer service. “The world is becoming more mobile, and there’s an expectation that things are done in real time,” said Michael Mellars, vice president of operations, Pritchard & Jerden. Pritchard & Jerden needed a single management system that could manage the entire business and integrate tools to better connect staff and customers.

One of the key benefits of Applied technology is the integrated experience between the client, producer and account managers. All of the data is accessible by everyone. Everything is all connected, seamless and in one place.

Michael Mellars

Vice President of Operations

A single, integrated solution to grow the business

Pritchard & Jerden chose Applied Epic, the fastest-growing, cloud-based agency management system, to manage its entire book of business and business operations. “To be able to manage benefits, P&C, and accounting and look at the total client relationship, revenue variances, all in one system, without having to jump in and out of different systems, that is significant,” said Jim Bailey, president, Pritchard & Jerden. Applied Epic’s integrated and open application provides essential capabilities for each stakeholder within Pritchard & Jerden.

Pritchard & Jerden also leverage mobile solutions for greater connectivity, enabling the staff to better service clients. Pritchard & Jerden creates an exceptional customer experience with Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based insurance client self-service software and Applied Mobile, the first insurance agent mobile application to bring client, policy and sales information to mobile devices. The integration between these solutions enables the staff at Pritchard & Jerden to service clients in the best way possible.


A connected, seamless experience for staff and customers

Since moving to Applied Epic, Pritchard & Jerden has seen significant growth. “During our first full year with Applied Epic, we had a fiscal year increase of revenue per employee by seven percent, and we expect that efficiency to continue,” said Bailey. The agency’s growth is due to many advantages seen from leveraging Applied Epic. “One of the key benefits of Applied technology is the integration experience between the client, producer and account managers. All of the data is accessible by everyone,” said Mellars. “Everything is connected, seamless and in one place.” With Applied Epic, all information is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. If a producer needs client information out in the field, they can easily find it. Likewise, if an office manager needs to pull reports, they can pull them in seconds from up-to-date data.

The integration between Applied Epic and Applied CSR24 offers agencies and customers instantaneous service that is not only expected, but needed in some cases. “We have a client who has on-call surgeons, and the hospital requires that they have a certificate of insurance before operating,” said Mellars, “Now with Applied CSR24, it can be 2 a.m. and they can still get what they need without having to call someone at our office.” Due to the ability to meet consumer demand and operate within a single system, Pritchard & Jerden expects to continue to grow in tandem with Applied technology.

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